An enema is a procedure that involves using chemicals that will help you sustain and maintain a healthy life. It is very similar to a colonic however many healthcare professional’s prefer to refer to them as enemas. The process involves inserting a tube up the rectum and flushing the system with specific chemicals designed for improving health and vitality.

A coffee enema involves the same process but instead of a range of different chemicals being used coffee is used instead. The coffee enema has been used by many well-known celebrities as well as the late Steve Jobs. Some of you may know that Steve Jobs had been struggling with cancer for many years and had actually lived a lot longer than doctors had anticipated. Some enthusiasts put this down to the range of different approaches he was using to help relieve pain and give him some extra time with his loved ones.

Coffee enema

Many people actually use enemas just to sustain a healthy lifestyle and to keep them feeling reinvigorated. It has been known to help combat cancer and to help you stay positive throughout the traumatic time, although this is a controversial treatment it has been proven to be effective.

Scientists are baffled by how many cancer patients have seen a positive effect from a coffee enema and when it was first thought off as a treatment for cancer many health experts were sceptical, I was at a health conference not so long ago which is designed to help poor cancer sufferers overcome cancer or at least come to terms with cancer, this is where I met two lovely people, Ben & Jill. Ben has had cancer for many years but has baffled doctors this is through his constant determination and Jill constantly pushing him to do Coffee Enema’s this is actually where I discovered what a coffee enema is and began to research the positive effects it can have on the human body.

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