Now we all know that there’s nothing better than a good cup of coffee to wake you up in the morning but in recent studies it has shown that coffee is being used in rather a different way.

Coffee enemas is the new craze and while some people may be sceptical or think its just plain crazy it has been well researched and studies show that it is one of the most natural methods used to detoxify your body. Coffee unlike tea is a detoxifier which is different to saline enemas that are composed of water.

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There are some fantastic benefits in using coffee enemas due to the presence of caffeine, theobromine and many other components found in coffee. Learn more about its benefits.

I know that most people don’t know that the coffee enema system is around never mind the benefits of using it. Some of them benefits are that it will aid the liver to detoxify the body. With coffee being a stimulant it makes the process easier when your body is in the detox phase.

Just a quick heads up, the toxins from your body when you’re using the toilet will cause your stool to give off a horrendous smell and will be black in colour.

The thing to remember when you’re using this kind of system is always remember to use organic green coffee beans (none decaffeinated). Make sure when you buy your enema kit that it’s purified or ready to use filtered water.

With all new things our body experiences e.g. going for a run or swimming, it will take time for your body to adapt to using the coffee enema system. It is recommended that you can use it several times during the week if you’re the more hardcore coffee fanatic, but if you are just trying this out for the first time its best to work your way up don’t go hell for leather at the start just be sensible also responsible with your body.

Other benefits of detoxing with coffee enemas is that it can aid you in losing them few extra lbs you might have put on from Christmas. This happens because in reality it’s like you’re drinking a lot of cups of coffee so you will feel more energised and motivated therefore helping you to burn fat.

The best time to use coffee enemas is after you have a normal bowel movement. Some side effects might come into play, you might get a temporary high or feel a buzz around your body but don’t worry just remember what you’re putting in your body and that this is a natural process.

Coffee enemas do not come with any health warnings, along as the participant respects what they’re putting into their body, it’s like anything in life if you eat too much burgers for example you will put on fat, all I ask is that when you are opening your first order that you remember the key things I have mentioned here and you will be fine.