There are certain topics to steer clear away from when taking a cup of it if any case we want to be on the safer side of life.The faces that people make when discussing enemas can be downright disgusting while others will comfortably broach the topic with a health nut enthusiasm. Well, our perceptions about enemas are fuelled by our knowledge of what they are.Enemas didn’t just pop up a few years back; they were performed by ancient civilisations as the way of offering to relieve from food related discomforts such as constipations.

Enemas are prescribed by doctors only after use of high fibres, suppositories and laxatives have failed for quite some time. Enema is associated with higher side effects these days. Enemas cleanse the colon out from tonnes of uneliminated wastes that would otherwise cause discomforts, as the colon walls become inefficient in waste elimination. Mode of operation is by increasing fluids in the rectum to loosen hard stool while the nozzle loosens the rectum. Enemas relieve the patients of:

Enemas relieve the patients of:

  • Constipation-very hard ,inconsistent stool
  • Bleeding of the colon
  • Excess gas –distended bellies, belching, bloating
  • Faecal impaction –when a lump of stool is constricted in the rectums
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Yeast infections
  • Sinus congestions

The main types of enemas include;

Cleansing Enemas

These are enemas that are retained in the body for shorter durations of times to stimulate the body to gently flush out waste from the rectum.

Examples of retention enemas include: lemon juice not only cleanses surfaces but also the colon while balancing ph levels, apple cider vinegar the magical elixir to everything from skin cleansing to rectum cleansing, burdock roots get rid of calcium deposits in the body, catnip tea not only relieves the body of constipation but also lowers fevers.

Retention enemas

The kind of enemas that are left in the body for a longer duration of 15 minutes to be absorbed by the body. Some retention enemas include: Red raspberry leaf enemas are effective in women, probiotics are suitable for yeast infections, minerals re-energises the thyroids, good quality coffee helps release toxins form the gall bladder and liver in ten minutes.

Therapeutic enemas

Enemas that cleanses the rectum to treat diseases or certain discomforts.

Diagnostic enemas

Enemas used for the purpose of diagnosing colon condition such as inflammations, ulcerative colitis. Barium enemas are used for diagnosis.

Common enemas include

Saline solution enemas

Mix a teaspoon or two of common table salt with quarter cup warm water; the enema kit consists of an enema bag, distilled water and tube.

Mineral oil enemas

The oils act as a lubricant to help lubricate th5e5 rectum for the hard stool to gently move through.

Molasses and milk enemas

Homemade enemas, mix milk and molasses in ten rations of 1:1, this enema smoothens impacted stool as the sugar is retained in the rectum.

Fleets Phosphosoda Enemas

Uses sodium phosphate t o retain water in the small intestines.The pack consists of the salts, disposable squeeze bag and nozzles.

Other types of enemas kits include:

The magic bullet suppository is an enema that works fast on contact with the anus wall as the polyethene base doesn’t have to melt. Works faster than enema kits that use hydrogenated oils. Don’t cringe and snicker they are easy to insert and are water soluble. They relieve constipation when the bisacodyl active ingredient come is released in water. Side effects include; gastric irritation, loss of electrolytes, diarrhoeas, burning of rectal mucus.

Homemade enema recipes are easy to make and convenient enemas: Here are a few common enema recipes:


Coffee Enemas

Boil one quart of clean water, add two levelled teaspoons of ground coffee. Bring it to boil, let it cool to tepid. It’s not odd to shoot up your coffee brew up your body once a while. Read more on coffee enemas.


Lemon juice enema

Squeeze two cups of fresh lemon juice into two litres of warm water .lemon irritates the digestive tract and less of it should be used by people with sensitive guts.


Salt and Baking Soda Enema

This is a retain enema.Mix sea salt and soda till they dissolve, and then add the two litters of distilled warm water. Retain for 10 minutes. Use this enema alternating it with another type to cut on the alkalinity.


Chamomile enemas

Put three tea bags of chamomile tea bags into two litres boiling water, use when Lukewarm


Acidophilus enemas

You require two litres of warm filtered water; four tablespoon probiotic yoghurt/4 capsules acidophilus capsules/acidophilus powder. Mix the ingredients and retain the enema for ten minutes.

Major benefits of home enemas are:



During a fast always keeps the bowel busy eliminating waste and toxins as fasting fasten the elimination of faecal matter

Colon cleansing

During any colon cleansing must have an enema plan to get rid of all that uneliminated waste and toxins

Liver Cleansing

During a fast always keeps the bowel busy eliminating waste and toxins as fasting fasten the elimination of faecal matter

After every enema session, attend all the post enema appointments.
Call a doctor should any of the following occur:   Fever Pain Bloody spots, bleeding anus Constipation

When purchasing an enema kit always keep in mind the following:

1. If planning to do enemas frequently, it’s advisable to purchase a reusable bag.This enema bag contains an enema tip to insert into the anus after lubrication, a douche tip, a clamp that helps in controlling the water flow. They are cheap for long term use.

2. When choosing an enema syringe remember that it can only use a little of the enema solution and requires to be constantly refilled.

3. Enema buckets are simple and convenient to use with the better holding capacity of liquids than syringes.

4. To avoid chemicals seeping into the body, the stainless steel cans and silicone bags are ideal.

5. For disposable enema bags/ Fleet bags

Ideal for traveling, already oiled and costs less up to $2. Downsides are that they cannot be used again and cannot hold water.

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