Coffee Enemas Benefits

If lately you have been combing through places looking for the best food or drink recipes that can transform your health in dramatic ways, but you have not been successful well in your quest, coffee enemas is definitely what you should be implementing into your regular routine. This magic cleansing method is not only effective, but will allow you achieve some of the most life changing results you have always desired. If you are still probably wondering how, here are six specific coffee enema benefits everyone is talking about.


First things first; before we see how this method can change you life, we know a number of people would first want to know what this thing is all about. Enema is basically allowing fluids through the anus in order for it to get to our colon or larger bowel. Coffee enema is actually a new method that uses coffee and not the normal saline (salt water) that has always been used. Coffee comes fully packed with caffeine and when that is introduced to the body, it aids in dilating our blood vessels and help improve the blood flow to the colon, resulting in efficient detoxification. Below are reason why coffee enemas is becoming very popular.



Because of toxic load we get from regular exposure to chemicals in water, food and air, our bodies are often unable to fully and effectively eliminate all toxins and maintain homeostasis by itself.

As times goes by this can result in a gradual build up of parasites, fecal matter and other toxic; something that can bring about a whole list of health problems to us. Thankfully, coffee enemas can be used to effectively combat the problem.

Popularly referred to as bullet cleansing method, a coffee enema can alleviate all this by irrigating and flushing the colon, helping you break up these nests of diseases.



As your body tries to rid of poisons and toxins that sludge up the blood and clog up the intestines, that alone can leave you feeling fatigued and ill. However, a coffee enema is an insanely effective de-toxifier.

After all, as direct absorption of caffeine gets into your bloodstreams that lead to release of bile and the efficient removal of waste from the body in one bullet swoop and the end results are magnificent; many people often descried it as high marked by improved energy levels better moods and enhanced overall mental clarity.


3. Detoxify and repair the liver

 Back from our days in school, we all know what the liver does in our bodies. Other than all the work it does, a small problem on this part of the body can leave us bed ridden for weeks or even months.

That is not the only worst part; if nothing is done, it can even lead to death. If you wake up today with symptoms like stomach pain, bloating and flatulence that are often associated with poor digestion, chance are you liver is being overworked and is not doing its work like it is supposed to do.

Thankfully, a coffee enema is a magic way to fix the problem. This is because as coffee and other ingredients are absorbed into the liver through the colon wall that will effectively take on the immense toxic load that you liver’s not been able to process quickly on its own.



Coffee enamas is one of the most effective ways to maintain a clean body that is free of disease and other health issues.

The best part; even if you are already battling with a very serious disease, coffee enemas can provide both relief and healing without the need for drugs. In short, it is one of the most perfect recipes for a healthy and stress free life.



Even as different forms of cancer continue to wreak havoc all over the world, coffee enamas has been successful used in thousands of cancer patients and the results were are amazing.

A coffee enema combined with other forms of therapy is now known to help build up the immune system of cancer patients and help restore electrolyte balance.

By performing at least six coffee enemas per day, a cancer patient will be able to restore liver function and tissues repair. So f you are battling with any form of cancer, coffee enemas is what you should be going for next.


What You Need To Keep In Mind While Using A Coffee Enema

For the best results, just like any other detoxification process, there are a couple of things you must keep in mind at all times.

Cleanliness is important; after each use, make sure your kit is thoroughly cleaned before you store it.

Do try coffee enemas during period of constipation: While this new method can be one of the best treatments for constipation, it is primarily meant for detoxification and won’t bring any help when it comes to irregular bowel movements. It is because of this people are always advised to try their level best and clear their bowels prior to a coffee enema.

Take binders: To help with the release of toxins, it is recommended that you take binders like chlorella and charcoal. If you can take 15 caps of activated charcoal 10 to 15 minutes before you take the enema that would be great. These binders will help absorb the bad bile and keep it from being reabsorbed into the system again.

Let the coffee cool before you could use it: Well, a steaming hot coffee enema is not something you would want to get into your body. So before you put it up, after you boil your coffee, let it cool down to body temperature.

Final Thoughts

While a coffee enema can be very beneficial to you, it is important to remember that it is not a cure all. It is something only meant to stimulate your process and not something to rely on solely. Plus, we are all unique in our different ways and while the process may be great for some, it may not be the best treatment for others. So before anything else, you should actually pay very close attention to your body and adjust your diet.