Coffee Enemas

Not sure what one is? Don’t worry because you’re in the right place. Enemas are used in a process that will clean the colon with water which has its amazing health benefits



Be careful you don’t mistake this for a colonic because there are differences in how they work. A colonic will flush your system multiple times using water, here is the fun part! , An enema uses a different procedure to the normal colonic one it will only clean your system the once of water within the colon.

It will leave a proportion of the water in your colon for a short time until it full finishes its cycle and flushes the toxins out.

What are the perceived benefits of a coffee enema?

Coffee enemas have similar benefits to regular coffee in the way that it can stimulate your liver and get rid of any of the bad toxins that might be lurking there.

Recently it has become very a very popular choice in detoxing your body as some doctors have praised the system for aiding in the recovery of cancer patients’. Cancer suffers are not the only ones cashing in on this new craze people also use the coffee enema to help cure aches and pains that might have been a result of too much exercise, or your could use it for even the most simple problems such as reducing rashes.

With every product that’s on the open market in the 21st century, it does come with some health risks for certain individuals e.g. it is not recommended that if you are pregnant or are a young child that you use the coffee enema as it could cause complications. You can find a wide variety of enema kits from a wide selection of suppliers online, but it is important that you pick a reputable one; given what an enema has actually to do.


I would recommend this to anyone that is a fitness fanatic or just generally like to keep their body cleansed and not full of nasty toxins, plus it only consists of coffee and water which is both natural ingredients that are already used a lot every day. Of course, if this product is misused or being used too much it can have effects on your body which will make you ill.

Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about that though because it’s like anything in life it comes with instructions and recommends when the best time to use it will also be who it will not be a benefit for but I find that section is minuscule.

There is just one more thing I would like to cover before you go searching the web for where to buy coffee enemas is that this kind of enema can help even the smallest of problems in life.

Having helped people in the past that have had in proper digestion and even something like that can easily be fixed with the benefits of the coffee enemas.
As it is full of caffeine that works as a vasodilator, which basically means that it will help the blood vessels in your body to dilate within the walls of the colon which in turn increases the circulation of blood flow which in its self is marvellous as its will start the process of flushing all them horrible/nasty toxins out of your body.


Does Coffee Enemas Work For Cancer? Coffee will never stop amazing us with the many health benefits one can get from it. The most common are the stimulating effects that make coffee a favorite for many.

Over the years, there have been many coffee recipes to accommodate it in the diet. If you do not love it in its beverage form, there are many other ways that you can consume it, and still feel the magic.


For a while now, enemas have been an important detoxifying procedures. Initially, water enemas were common since water has some cleansing properties. After thorough research on coffee, the studies showed that coffee had enough antioxidant properties. Also, the researchers found out that the detoxifying effects could not reach the lower abdomen. Coffee enemas became popular since it was easy to access the toxins from the rectum. It was like magic syrup since it had more than the detoxifying effect. It covered most of the digestive complications within just a short time. Recently, researchers have linked coffee enema to treating and prevention of cancer and other chronic diseases.


When doing enemas, the disturbing aspect of the coffee is what is important. Since you are cleaning the inner parts of the body, every ingredient used should be sterile or better still, sanitized.

The water used should be distilled and free of impurities. Also, the coffee ratio should be adequate and strong enough to provide the effects required.

For every quart of water, use 30g of coffee and then boil until the coffee aroma is strong enough. For better results, let the liquor to simmer for almost 30 minutes.

For convenience, the liquor should cool to body temperature before pouring it into the enema tube. The coffee used should be of quality to promote the effects.



Cancer is a chronic disease that affects the normal cell growth. Since it causes abnormal cell growth, controlling it would only be specific to the cells. Studies indicate that what we consume as food and respiratory gases have a great impact on abnormal cell growth. Any product with some anti-oxidant properties, such as coffee, will always have some impact on cancer prevention.
Cancer is a cumulative disease, and the manifestations occur after some time. Any alien accumulations in the body will trigger the growth of cancer cells. In the body, any aliens are toxins even if they do not manifest their toxic properties. If toxins accumulate in the crucial body organs such as the liver and the kidneys, they result in cancer development and eventual failure of the organ’s cells.
Coffee enemas are detoxifiers due to the antioxidant properties that the syrup contains. What’s more, it being an insertion through the rectum, it reaches the most vulnerable organs with much ease. Enemas have many advantages when compared to oral detoxifiers:

Fast Access

The direct insertion of the detoxifies through the rectum will increase the toxins access rates as compared to oral dosages. Most of the toxins accumulate in the lower abdomen and reaching them using other means may take time. Cancer cells grow very rapidly, especially when the environment is suitable. This makes coffee enema quite effective in controlling their growth.


The coffee recipe used in enemas has high concentrations of antioxidants and other beneficial components. This makes them quite efficient since one can prevent and treat some internal diseases that could be developing.


For people having chronic diseases, including cancer, this simple syrup will work magic for them. It is a very cheap remedy since it uses very little coffee and distilled water. The enema tube is a one-time investment that is recyclable. Also, given the toxic environment we are living in, it would be an essential home component.


There are many varieties of enema tubes with different specifications and volumes. The most remarkable difference is male and female tubes. For males, there is only one loop, but for women, there are many loops. Regarding specifications, the equipment will differ on usage grounds and rates of syrup penetration into the body.
The process takes less than 30 minutes, and it will involve:

1. Insertion of the tube- The rectum tip should have lubrication

2. Relaxing- Allow the fluid to enter the body

3. Removing the enemas tube and cleaning it.

With the advancements in technology, the enemas apparatus has some improvements. For instance, the bulletproof equipment has better and convenient cleansing procedures. Since it is not a comfortable procedure at first, the bullet feeling from this apparatus makes the process more users friendly.

Also, the process takes even less time since the syrup gets into the body faster.



Given the many benefits that enemas have, this could be the first reason why coffee enemas are best for cancer. Also, the target organs for the enema are of concern. The liver and the kidneys are the most vulnerable organs due to toxins accumulation. The kidney acts as a residue store for most of the dirt from the body.

The present diets are full of refined starch with minimal fiber. Lack of fiber in the diet reduces the food movements in the colon. To some extent, this accumulation causes colon and stomach cancers by promoting cell growth. Also, some of the components in the diets are indigestible or in large amounts and end up accumulation in the lower digestive track.

When on coffee enemas schedule, the syrup clears the entire digestive track reducing chances of occurrences of such. It reduces chances of overworking of the kidneys and the liver in removing the aliens from the body. With this, the coffee enemas prevent cancer development and subsequently reduce the impact of chronic diseases such as cancer. The prescription of coffee enema recipes is twice per week for normal people and twice a day for people with cancer, for magical results.


Since we are living in a contaminated environment, detoxification should be part of our lives. Oral detoxification may not be enough since the detoxifiers may not reach all the target organs.

This makes enemas such as coffee enemas take an upper hand. The many benefits that coffee has in the body make it a convenient liquor to use in for digestive complications. Its health benefits cannot be underestimated including remedying cancer.